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I've long been a fan of home remedies. While being aware that some are not at all what they purport to be, I find that many of them have immense value. The primary problem I have is remembering which actually worked for us and which didn't. This is one of those remedies that did work for us.
It's called GOOT. You likely have all the ingredients in your kitchen right now. The recipe calls for combining equal portions of minced garlic, olive oil, and coconut oil.

Why would you want to combine garlic, olive oil, and coconut oil? To fight infections, of course! Around the web, GOOT is touted as a treatment for colds, the flu, and skin infections. Garlic and coconut oil on their own have long been known to fight infections, including yeast and antibiotic resistant bacteria. GOOT seems to be a great remedy to have in the refrigerator. We had a cold last week. That was when I found mention of GOOT. Well, I made some, and within hours, my hubby, daughter, son, and I were wearing it on our feet under socks and on our backs. It's sticky and smells strongly, but it really seemed to help. The thing I noticed within minutes of applying the salve, was I was breathing easier- both my nose and my lungs felt clearer. The kids each had one bad night with congestion or coughing, but that was it. We are all still a little snotty, but we only used GOOT for two days.

I will warn you all, however, you WILL smell like garlic for a while. Since it's actually absorbed into your body, even bathing does not completely remove the odor. I noticed this for about two days after I applied GOOT.

Here's the recipe:

3 TBSP fresh, minced garlic
3 TBSP olive oil
3 TBSP coconut oil, warmed enough to be liquid.

Combine in a blender until quite smooth. Concoction will be liquid to begin with. Pour into glass container and store in fridge. After a while in the fridge, it will be about the consistency of petroleum jelly. It will melt on contact with skin. It may stain clothing or sheets. I didn't notice this, but I know that coconut oil can do that, so I thought I should warn you.

From what I have read, it is suggested that GOOT be applied to the feet, back or chest, or near lymph nodes to aid absorption. I put it on my feet, chest, and arm pits. I applied it to the kids feet and backs.
Keep it away from eyes and little hands because it will wind up in eyes that way.

I used Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut oil. Having tried many coconut oils, I find Tropical Traditions the best quality oil and almost the cheapest.
Around here, Nutiva is the cheapest. It's good, too.
I just like Tropical Traditions better.

Without sounding like an add for Tropical Traditions, let me add that if you tell them that I referred you, you will get a free book on coconut oil with your first order. My referral number is 5967402. I will also get something for your referral, but having never referred anyone before, I don't know what I get out of this. I thought it only fair that I tell you. Now through Monday, January 31st, 2011, they are having a free shipping promotion. They do this from time to time and I almost never order except during the free shipping times because I'm cheap, um, I mean frugal, like that.

I hope none of you are sick or have family members sick, but if you do, I highly recommend trying GOOT. I wish I had had this in my arsenal of natural remedies sooner.

If you do try it, let me know how you like it. Have you tried it before?

I look forward to hearing from you!


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